The Accidental Administrator: Cisco Router Step-by-Step Configuration Guide

The Accidental Administrator: Cisco Router Step-by-Step Configuration Guide

Your easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to configuring a Cisco router from the ground up!
The Accidental Administratortm: Cisco Router Step-by-Step Configuration Guide is packed with more than 30 easy-to-follow interactive exercises, loads of screen captures, and lots of step-by-step examples to help you build a working router from scratch. Easily the most straightforward approach to learning how to configure a Cisco router, this book is filled with practical tips and secrets learned from years of Don s teaching and consulting on Cisco network devices.
As a bonus, you won t waste your time on boring theory. All the essentials are covered in chapters on installing, backups and restores, and TCP/IP. You ll learn the nitty-gritty on subnetting, remote administration, routing protocols, static routing, access-control lists, site-to-site VPNs, network address translation (NAT), DHCP, password recovery, and security. There s even an entire chapter on the new Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).
Here’s just some of what you’ll find:

How to configure and manage access lists
How to set up a site-to-site VPN
How to implement IPv6

All the information is presented in a straightforward style that you can understand and use right away. With The Accidental Administrator: Cisco Router Step-by-Step Configuration Guide you ll be able to sit down with your routers and build a working configuration in a matter of minutes. Of course, some of the more advanced configs may take a little longer, but even so, you’ll be able to “get ‘er done” in a minimal amount of time!
In addition, there are supporting videos and a supporting webpage to provide even more help and updated information.
About the Author
Don R. Crawley, CCNA Security, Linux+, shares his 35 years of technology experience and 17 years as a technical trainer in the Accidental Administratortm book series. Don is the author of The Compassionate Geek: Mastering Customer Service for IT Professionals, Tweeting Linux: 140 Linux Configuration Commands Explained in 140 Characters or Less, and two other Accidental Administrator titles. In addition, he is President/Chief Technologist at, the Seattle-based firm providing accelerated training for IT professionals on Cisco and Linux products, as well as workplace skills for IT pros.

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